GMD, your distribution partner in consumer electronics and small appliances

    GMD was founded over 15 years ago by a team that is dedicated to providing a variety of distribution services for Canadian and US retailers. GMD’s range of services begins with offering a vast selection of products that reach into many categories, including both exclusive lines within Canada, and many of the top brands sold worldwide. From everyday products such as headphones, Bluetooth speakers and charging accessories, to emergency preparedness devices and other household products, GMD’s warehouse is stocked and ready to ship your company anywhere in North America. In addition, GMD provides vendor direct fulfillment (VDF) for many major retailers within Canada, and is always committed to helping their online partners in providing the best service to their customers.


    GMD’s warehouse is centrally located in Concord, Ontario (Greater Toronto Area).  This makes fulfilment that much easier for our partners by reducing delivery times and enabling a quick turnaround period for product replenishments. In addition, GMD has a large on-site showroom, which enables customers to easily browse and select the products they would like to carry and offer to their customers.


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