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Different Uses

From sheets to shirts, HEGS
works on it all!



Responsibly manufactured in Austraila,
proudly sold in Canada.



The world wide phenomenon!
See what the press is about!

Rain Wind or Hail!

The robust design ensures the HEGS Peg will always remain on the line!

Made with in Adelaide, Australia.

About The HEGS Peg

The award winning HEG: Designed with dual-hooks to maximise hanging space, an ergonomic grip for ease of use and a grip lock system that holds washing taut on the clothesline, the HEG keeps your washing secure and reduces the need for ironing.

Injection Moulded

Industrial grade design process.

100% Recyclable

Polypropylene Construction

Stainless Steel Mechanism

Ensuring strength, flexibility and durability.

Smart Lock System

Designed to pull your washing taut on the clothesline, reducing creasing

Dual Lock Feature

Hang multiple articles of clothing at once!

Weather Resistant

The UV Stabilised Pegs are designed with all weather conditions in mind!

The Peg in Action

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  • Testimonials

    "Best colour and best designed pegs I have ever had the pleasure to use.
    Thank you so much, I just had to hunt they down and buy 3 packs for myself and 2 packs for my partner. It’s the simple things in life that make me happy every time!" - Marie

  • Testimonials

    "These are amazing - in my opinion one of the best inventions since sliced bread! Very windy the last few days in Kensington NSW - nothing blown off the clothesline with these little beauties. Would you believe I have bought 13 packets (not all for myself of course but for my friends to try). Just want to share the joy! A Very impressive and exceedingly useful invention." - Robin

  • Testimonials

    "Thought I would let you know that all in all I have purchased 17 packets as people who had never heard of them, tried them and wanted more." - Illy

Our Story

We all have those "light bulb" moments in life ... "In mid 2012, I was busy hanging out the laundry at my home in McLaren Vale, South Australia when confronted with the prospect of my wife’s brand new cocktail dress.

If only I had a clothes peg with hooks ... I could then just hang the dress by the straps! This had me thinking, why hadn’t somebody invented this already?" And so the idea for the HEG was born.


Scotty B - Inventor of the HEG

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